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Link building is tough, which is why many SEO companies dedicate themselves to this alone. Link building is a strategy to acquire backlinks from reputable websites, preferably from the same niche. The backlinks give websites ‘authority points’ which helps to improve their ranking in search engines like Google and Bing. However, link building can introduce risks if done incorrectly. To help smooth things along, we’ve compiled a few tips which can be used for your link building campaign.

• Maintain natural link velocity

Search engines like an organic growth of backlinks. Theoretically, backlinks grow randomly, except for the occasional spike. As such, when the number of backlinks suddenly jumps, search engines may view them as unnatural and penalise websites. So, make sure to spread your link acquisition campaign over a reasonable period of time.

• Build relationships

Join discussion groups related to your niche on Facebook and LinkedIn. Make positive contributions to the group and develop relationships with other participants. Once you’ve reached a stage of mutual trust, open the topic of reciprocal links. It’s much easier to say ‘NO’ to a random stranger than someone you’ve developed a relationship with. However, don’t pester and spam everyone in the group – they might just kick you out of the group.

Networking with people in your niche could lead to valuable reciprocal links. Image courtesy of Pixabay

• Give testimonials

Seek out a middling-level product, service or subscription. Use the product and write an honest review, preferably a glowing one. Contact the company with the link and wait. If they like the review, they might just post on their website as a testimonial and a link to the original post. Voila, you’ve earned a backlink. Now repeat the process with other products from different companies.

• Guest posting

Guest posting is such an easy way to earn backlinks. The only condition is, the content must be of excellent quality. Otherwise, websites will just decline. And don’t just focus on leading websites – new and upcoming websites with potential are also worth your time. As they grow in stature, your backlink would also become more valuable.

• Digital PR

Digital PR is what secures the highest quality links. Ever look at a website and think “if only I could get them to link out to me”? Those are the types of sites that digital PR can help you secure links on. In competitive industries, this is a necessity as without such links you have no chance of showing up on the first page. The idea is simple but execution is tough. A digital PR team creates engaging, newsworthy content backed up by primary or secondary research. Idea generation/brainstorming sessions are used to come up with innovative angles and stories that journalists will love. Expert writers then craft content and reach out to relevant media outlets and journalists to make them aware of the content. This in turn leads to news outlets and powerful websites sharing the content. Due to the amount of time and effort required to create such pieces, journalists usually credit the source of information with a link. This is what makes digital PR a truly white hat approach to link building. To earn these kinds of links for your site(s), you will need to approach the right link building SEO company.


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