Link Building – Types

There are many types of backlinks available online. However, not all of them are of equal value. In fact, some of them, specifically links from spammy websites, are deemed to be of low value. Search engine algorithms hate such low-quality links.

Websites which accumulate these links are penalised severely in search rankings. So much so, they are sometimes used as a weapon by competing websites. Webmasters should steer clear of backlinks which are offered for free. Nothing good can come of it. Conversely, even backlinks which are sold, sometimes at pricey rates, should be avoided as well. They are usually from private blog networks, and over time, their link footprint would be detected.

So, what are your options?

In link building, it’s always about quality, not quantity. Image courtesy of Luis Osorio

Editorial Links

Editorial links are the best and perhaps, the only type of backlinks a website should have. These are basically links which were not asked for or purchased, and were given out voluntarily by other websites. They are called editorial links because the decision to link to your website is an editorial decision.

To obtain these links, your website must have high quality, relevant and topical content which could attract writers and webmasters. This is hard to achieve but not impossible. The good news is, once a website has obtained a few editorial links, they will develop a reputation for reliability and quality. This will encourage other websites to use start linking to their content – the cycle will feed itself.

As a bonus, Google loves this type of link, more so if the referring website is of the same niche.

Outreach links

This is the most common form of link building. Basically, you reach out to reputable websites and ask for a backlink. Sometimes people would be willing to give the link because they like your website. At other times, it’s a big, fat no. However, you have the option of sweetening the deal by offering reciprocal links, a guest post,  or even a shout on social media. Find more information on this and how you can find a link building SEO company.

Forum and profile links

These are the links found in your profile or signature on forums and online communities. They carry no influence on SEO. However, they might generate some referral traffic if you’re active at those websites.


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