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A link building campaign (often carried out by the best seo services company) is a carefully-planned, long-term link acquisition project. By increasing the number of backlinks directed at your website, your website will achieve a higher search ranking, an increased number of organic visitors, and an invaluable network of contacts.

Why do we need a campaign?

You can acquire links on an ad hoc basis. However, by creating a long-term strategy, your chance of acquiring links increases. The number of backlinks will also be more because of the sustained effort. Further, a campaign will also allow you to create contact with your niche and build a positive reputation for your website.

Link building is a vital element of SEO. Image courtesy of Pixabay

Due diligence and homework

The worse thing that can happen during the long process is, you will acquire low-quality links. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you will need to prepare a profile of your ideal website. The requirements for your preferred website could include niche, website age, domain authority, and social media following. Once complete, you can filter out the websites which do not fit the profile from your prospect list.

Identifying link opportunities

Websites generally won’t give you backlinks for free. As such, you must present potential backlinkers with some value. Spend time reviewing their site. Can you detect any critical factual errors? Send them an email, and they might credit you with an edit. Or, are their articles incomplete? Offer to write a guest post article for them to address the gap in return for a backlink. Do they need a video to accompany an awesome article? Offer to make one, in exchange for a backlink. These are just random examples – you might find even more!

Pro tip: Make sure your backlinks use different types of anchor texts to avoid over optimisation of certain key phrases.

How can offer the best link building campaigns?

Generally speaking you will want to go with an expert SEO company for your link building campaigns. The resources required for truly high-quality and powerful links are not easy or cheap to come by so building them yourself will prove difficult (if not impossible).


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