Austin Mitchell - MP for Great Grimsby



When did Austin become MP for Great Grimsby?

Austin Mitchell has been the Labour MP for Grimsby since 1977.

What did Austin do before his political career?

Austin was a journalist at ITV company Yorkshire Television from 1969 to 1977, presenting their regional news show Calendar, although he spent a short period at the BBC in 1972. During his period at Yorkshire Television he chaired the famous debate between Brian Clough and Don Revie on the day Clough had been sacked by Leeds United in 1974.

Is it true that Austin changed his name to Austin Haddock?

Yes, in October 2002 Austin temporarily changed his name to Austin Haddock as haddock is a staple catch for the Great Grimsby fishermen, and that catch was suffering a decline and it was his wish to promote it.